Saturday, April 18, 2009

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According to Malaysiakini's report today 15/4/09, he welcomed Elizabeth Wong's offer to continue her office and her role as the State Representative for Bukit Lanjan, and he mentioned that he will use this as a political issue to comment on the morality of Pakatan assemblypersons.

I say go for it Khir, go and dig your own grave. Your extravagance, pompousness and arrogance will confirm your date with political oblivion come the next general elections.

Not only you seem to enjoy immunity from prosecution by the MACC or the AG (that includes your wife!) you also defended your excursions to all the various Disneylands in the planet saying that 'you will pay' for all the dough paid by PNSB to finance you and your family's 'first class all the way' vacation.
The more you use Elli's issue, the more alienated will you and your racist organisation that is UMNO be from the Rakyat. You fail to understand the protection Islam accords to the individual - regardless of race, and you unashamedly announce to the world that not only are you insensitive to the suffering of Elli but you are willing to use her suffering as political mileage. Conveniently enough to divert attention from your Disneyland 'technical' travels.

I am announcing an online offer to the readers of this post. If anyone wants to buy please do let me know. I hope that by the time the next general elections begin, we can campaign house to house whilst wearing that hat. Please refer to the picture as enclosed and pick your fancy!
I will be taking the Mickey out of the son of Toyo. Let's see if that smarts!

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